We're all zombies here today.

We somehow find our way to the grocery store or post office like sleepwalkers.

We stare blankly at the television in disbelief.

We've been getting messages of sympathy from friends around the world. Thank
you. We're glad you're there, and we're glad you care.

This is obviously a dark time for the American people. Our thoughts are with
the victims and the people who love them.

The airports are all closed. Folks who ordinarily rant and rave if their flight
is delayed, seem to be taking it without protest, quietly seeking another
way to get home. Too quietly. Like zombies.

We worry about friends up north. We'll try to call tomorrow.
Today is not a good time to overload the phone lines.

In some different way, all of us are victims. At our house things are not
normal. We are in a state of confusion, disbelief, sadness, and anger.
Maybe we're in shock. I try to make my wife smile with the occasional light
remark, but her regular smile is not working today.

All our projects, so important yesterday, seem trivial.
They're on the back burner for now.

It's inspiring to see how people in New York and Washington risked their own
lives to help each other. I'm proud of Americans tonight, and it's been
a while since I've felt that way. Firefighters, police, and emergency
workers are heroes.

We saw Republicans and Democrats singing a spontaneous God Bless America together.
Touching. I hope they remember the feeling.
It's the way it should be.

Misty said she saw the young workers bagging groceries at the supermarket
almost in tears.

We, even as Democrats, are discussing hopefully that President George W. Bush
might have the potential to be a Harry Truman. Right now we need
somebody to "give 'em hell". This is not a day for political differences.
We hope he kicks butt.

The maniacs that committed these atrocities represent to me what evil is. I'm
glad I'm not president. I'd probably bomb all the suspects and ask questions later.
I know that's wrong, but we're mad as hell over here.
At least I am.

We've seen the pictures on TV all day, over and over, but the reality is still hard to grasp.
We'll watch them over and over again...
even after the television is turned off.

Our country is strong. Our people are tough. I almost forgot that. We'll get
through this, and even be stronger.

In time things will be more like normal,
but never quite the same.

I never thought of myself as a super patriot,
but tomorrow I think I'll go out and buy a flag.

Jack Blanchard